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Link: Soft Reset on AO3

When Tony is too tired to work and too strung-out to sleep, Bruce's options are limited. Fortunately, there's one thing that almost always works.

(This has been sitting on my computer 98% complete for the last six months. Whoops.)
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Link: Counterproposal on AO3

Written for the prompt "will you marry me?" Tony makes an awkward proposal.
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Instead of the kiss Bruce expected, he got a gust of air whooshing by his face as Tony suddenly straightened up. “Hold that thought, I’ve got to make a call.”

Tony pushed a few buttons, and a display sprung up before him. After a few seconds, a familiar face appeared. “Pepper.”

“Tony," she replied, cordial but with an edge of exasperation. "I’ve only got a minute before my next meeting starts. This had better be important.”

“Crushingly. I need to edit the List.”

The display was at an odd angle, but Bruce could see that Pepper looked puzzled. “What list?” Then realization crossed her face, and she sighed. “This is what you called me for? While I’m presenting at the U.N.?”

“It’s priority red. Or one. Whatever’s most important. I’ve got to add a name.”

Pepper’s eyes narrowed. “Seriously? Right now? I’m not sure I can approve anything from here. Who is it?”

Tony made a quick hand gesture, and the display rotated towards Bruce. He still hadn’t moved, and he was faintly aware his mouth was hanging open in bewilderment. The display swung back, and Pepper burst out laughing.

“Tony, you are unbelievable. Okay, who’s getting bumped?”

“Number three,” he replied without hesitation. “Pretty sure that was just a phase.”

“I could have told you that,” she said, smirking. “Is that all? I’ve really got to go.”

“That’s all. You’re beautiful. More than I deserve. Love you.”

She sighed through a grin. “Love you, too. I’ll talk to you tonight.”

The display vanished, and Tony turned back to Bruce. “Sorry about that--important business. Where were we?”

Bruce finally found his voice. “We weren’t anywhere. What the hell was that all about?”

“Editing the List," Tony said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You’ve never had a List?”

“I promise you I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, come on--every couple has a List.” He looked at Bruce, but Bruce just shook his head. Tony sighed. “The list of seven celebrities you’re allowed to sleep with if you ever get the chance. I know you have one.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing,” Bruce said, his brain churning out questions rapid-fire. Since when was he a celebrity? Was this conversation really happening? Wait, sleep with?

“It’s totally a thing," Tony said, waving his hand dismissively as he insinuated himself back into Bruce's personal space. "And if it isn’t, I’ll make it one. It’s too brilliant an idea to keep to myself,” he said against Bruce's lips, and Bruce decided that his questions could wait until tomorrow.
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Link: Love and War and Whatever on AO3

Written for the following prompt on [community profile] daredevilkink: Karen has always wanted to try double penetration.

Plus Matt feels everything so clear, he can feel Foggy's every move inside.


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