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I'm trying to develop better writing habits, and a thing I've always needed to get better at is just vomiting out words without thinking too hard about them. I've joined a few writing prompt communities, and I'm trying to start my writing sessions with a warmup--I open up Write Or Die and spend 15 minutes doing my best to keep going so that the screen doesn't turn red.

It's working pretty well to get the words out, but now what I need to work on is not caring so damn much about what I'm writing. The purpose of the exercise is just to warm up, to limber up my creative muscles so I can get down to my actual work, but each time I do it, I finish with a sense of incompleteness. I want to refine and build on the warmup, turn it into an actual fic. Not that that's a bad thing--I'm definitely saving everything so I can work on it later if I want to--but it's not what I'm going for.

Practice. Just have to keep practicing. Keep doing the warmups, and over time I'll accumulate a wealth of half-formed fics that I can work on someday when I'm lacking inspiration. It's a good habit that has a good side effect.
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I've been a little stalled in my Daredevil musical crack!fic, and I finally got back to it today. I've hit a "boringly necessary" chapter, where I have to write some stuff that isn't really my cup of tea, but has to be there to move the plot along. For a few days I was worried I'd move on to greener (and more fun) pastures, but I've actually hammered out a good chunk of it today.

If I actually finish this thing, it'll be by far the longest thing I've ever completed, and the fact I wrote stuff today makes me pretty sure I'm going to. Could it be that I'm finally learning this "work ethic" thing that successful writers speak of? I sure hope so; I'm pretty excited about it.
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So, here I am.

I haven't been involved in fandom since at least 2007, when untreated bipolar disorder finally got the best of me and my creative spark fizzled out. Years later I'm finally on the right meds, and I'm writing again, and I miss the community I left behind.

Unfortunately, it's been a long time, and the communities I once had have broken, dissolved, and reformed elsewhere...and even if they were still there, I'm not into the same things I was, so this is me striking out into new waters to find friends and foils and genius writers and artists to fangirl over.

I like a lot of stuff, but lately I've been all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so expect a lot of that in the immediate future. Beyond that...I don't know. I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes me.


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